We are delighted to list down the five most authentic, effective and efficient ozone disinfectors in our country. There is no order as such thing as the “TOP” or “Bottom”, the design of every machine is in accordance to the price you pay and what it can deliver to the best of its efficiency. Ozone purifiers are generally the topmost in the hierarchy of cleansing. It is essential for every household to have an ozone disinfector of its own, irrespective of the pandemic. Cleanliness and hygiene should be one’s highest priority for a healthy life.

Before buying an Ozone purifier make sure you keep the following things in mind,

  • Individual Need: Always make sure you put your needs before the efficiency of the product. Only purchase a product if it is the need of the hour.
  • Budget: Keep in mind your budget and choose a quality that does not leave a hole in your wallet.
  • Size: Go for a sleek and chic product so it is always put to use without having to shift it from place to place.
  • Durability: Always buy a product after seeing or hearing reviews about it, if you are planning to invest in a product we would always recommend to go by the reviews.
  • Power specifications: Please know how much electricity the product is going to consume and verify if that is feasible in your place. Or buy products that will work well for your home’s electrical capabilities.
  • Warranty: Always check the warranty for the product you are purchasing, because if there are any technical faults it can be dealt with the warranty card.

BonOzone Purifier Pro:

BonOzone’s Purifier Pro is sleek looking, very chic and does not cause any space constrain. The Purifier Pro comes with a wall-mount and has a capacity to purify/ disinfect 8 Kgs of fruits and vegetables at once.

The BonOzone Purifier Pro is water-based and the water can be re-used to water plants, clean floors, washing etc.

This is quick and disinfects any amount of fruits and vegetables within 10-15 minutes.

Prestige Veggie cleaner ozoniser:

The Prestige Veggie Cleaner Ozoniser is compact and is made to sit well on tabletops. Uses O3 purification technology to kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, to deodorize meat and seafood, has an advanced timer function. It is very compact and saves a lot of space.
This can be used to clean fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, lentils, etc.

Kent Vegetable and fruit disinfectant:

The Kent Vegetable and fruit disinfectant is a small top opening device. Itis used to disinfect fruits and vegetables, uses water as the medium, keeps the food fresh and healthy. It also removes any unpleasant odour, foreign substance on the outer layer etc.

The Kent Vegetable and Fruit disinfectant is quick and does its job in around 10-15 minutes.

Wonderchef Vegetable and fruits disinfectant:

The Wonderchef Vegetable and Fruit disinfector decomposes the antibodies present and provides us with fresh and healthy produce. It has a 10L capacity and can accommodate enough fruits and vegetables required for a meal. Uses an active oxygen cleaning technology.

This particular ozone disinfector consumes only 25W electricity and works efficiently.

Faber Ozone Disinfectant:

The Faber Ozone disinfectant uses the oxygen disinfecting method to cleanse the produce. It makes the product clear of all the impurities, bacteria, virus, pathogens etc. This also has a 10L tub that can accommodate all and enough vegetables and fruits needed. The thousands of oxygen bubbles produced dissolves every impurity and disease-causing pathogen and leave us with instant fresh produce.

Every ozone purifier does its job effectively, as the science behind these ozone purifiers are one and the same and their motto is also interconnected. If you are looking at a better protection method for your family, this Ozone purifier will act as a Faraday shield between your family and the germs, virus etc.

We, at BonOzone, promote healthy living altogether and thus we suggest you opt for an ozone purifier over regular running water cleansing for a happy and healthy tomorrow.