How often do we think about the cleanliness of our surroundings? Well, quite a few times? When you see visible dirt or garbage, maybe? 

What about pollution, it is not necessarily visible all the time? Definitely not, pollution is much more than that. Pollution is turning the mother earth grey and it is known as an incurable disease that can only be prevented. Only a handful of places on earth are untouched by pollution and man-made chemicals produced to fasten certain growth processes have most certainly destroyed our freedom to healthy living. Talking about healthy living, the initial step to healthy living is to keep your surroundings and what you consume clean. Keeping it clean is a necessity because unsanitized surroundings pave the way for several diseases. Therefore it is crucial to keep your surroundings and what you consume clean. But sometimes it’s not easy to clean everything and we most often skip things which are very important like the refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, vegetables, fruits, etc. There’s always a solution to this, yes, the OZONE PURIFIERS! Ozone purifiers are generally known as the best cleaning equipment and there are various things you can cleanse using an Ozonator. We have listed down some of the things you can sterilize using an Ozonator.


  • Fruits and Vegetables:

In recent years, eliminating man-made pathogens from the surface of fruits and vegetables has become essential. Traditionally water was used to clean vegetables and fruits but water as such did not have any sterilizing agent. Later on, when water with chlorine was used, it only had a limited effect in killing bacteria that were present on the surface of the fruits and vegetables. It was during this time that the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits had increased and along with the consumption, food-borne diseases also increased. However, chlorine itself is a chemical and humans consuming chlorine for a longer time is equal to consuming slow poison. That’s when ozone purifiers were introduced as they not only killed bacteria but also provided deep cleansing and helped in the removal of all the harmful chemicals and left us with an absolutely clean and fresh product.   


  • Grains and Pulses:

Grains and Pulses are an essential part of our diet and are known to promote good health. They are an excellent source of fiber, iron, folate, and potassium. Eating grains is associated with various health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, are we eating it the right way? Not really! In order to protect them from insects, various pesticides are sprayed on the crops to increase the yield, but this leads to contamination and food poisoning while consuming it. So it’s always better to thoroughly cleanse it before consumption.


  • Cars

Cars that are used regularly are bound to have a bad odour. However, as time goes on, the smell turns bad and intolerable. One of the most common uses of an ozone generator is to ozonate cars. Cars usually have an unpleasant odour, invisible dust particles if left unattended or under-maintained. An Ozonator comes into power to disinfect the vehicle completely, helps get rid of germs and bacteria, as well as molds which are often invisible to the human eye.


  • Refrigerator

One of the most important appliances to keep clean is your refrigerator as you use it to store food and groceries on a daily basis. A refrigerator that is used regularly needs to be deep cleaned very often. Studies show that food-borne diseases are mostly because of unclean refrigerators as they become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Ozonators help in eliminating bad odour and also disinfects the entire refrigerator. It also gives your food longer shelf life in the refrigerator.


  • Toothbrush

Did you know that every time you use the toilet there is a wave of germs that are flushed out? Moreover, these germs settle on everything that is in the bathroom including your soaps, toothbrushes, towels, etc. If your toothbrush is not properly covered, then there is a high chance of you brushing your teeth with a lot of bacteria on it. What can do to prevent this? Simply cover your toothbrush with a cap or sanitize your toothbrush with an Ozonator at least once in two weeks.


  • Garments

If you think it is your sweat that makes your garments smell bad, you are wrong! It is the bacteria on your skin that breaks the sweat down producing volatile organic compounds that cause garments to smell. Ozonators will help you remove bad odour from your garments and a good Ozonator will help you deodorize your garments at the comfort of your house.


  • Kitchen Cabinets

The insides of the kitchen cabinet are often left unnoticed. We generally clean the outer surface but always forget to clean the insides. It is equally important to clean the insides, as there might be crumbs of food and debris that build up. Littered cabinets usually lead to bugs and other bacteria. Therefore it is essential to keep the cabinets clean and sanitized.

  • Medical Equipment 

It is used to sterilize the equipment used by doctors. The use of ozone in dentistry is gaining its place in every day’s dental practice and is used in almost all dental applications. The undisputed disinfection power of ozone over other antiseptics makes the use of ozone in dentistry a very good alternative and an additional disinfectant to standard antiseptics.


Ozonation is an excellent way of keeping your surroundings and the things that you consume clean. Ozonation is a safe method to remove unwanted odours and chemicals from the things that we consume. Ozone is therefore an excellent disinfectant, thereby, it is very prominent that Ozone gas and Ozonators are one of the strongest disinfectors known to man, and are also the future of disinfection.