The 2K kids and people of this generation have no patience, not complaining but the fast phase of life has become the new normal and everyone is running a race every day. Starting from our 4G, high-speed internet has made us forget the times we used to stare at the screen that showed loading for 10 minutes. Online consultations and online shopping that has reduced the waiting time, you order today and you get it delivered tomorrow. While people are getting comfortable with this lifestyle, we also have upgraded from the usual.

Yes, we are talking about the upgrades in the safety and hygiene standards. In the middle of a pandemic, there was a lockdown imposed which later was relaxed with certain rules concerning public safety. There were no contact sanitizer dispensers, sanitizing sprays etc. If you look at all this, they have minimized human effort and maximized the capability of the machine.


According to WHO, with the prevailing number of cases, they predict a minimum of two years where we need to abide by and religiously follow the safety guidelines. Contributing to this situation and to the future generations who are used to the get-and-go lifestyle, we have designed an Ozonator that sterilizes your fruits and vegetables, cereals and pulses, meat, poultry, fish etc. An Ozonator that sterilizes closed spaces and one to sterilize your vehicles, all this in just under 10 minutes. Trust us, when we say under 10 minutes as these products do wonders. Let us begin with sanitizing your fresh produce, the fresh produce does not simply come clean, we live in India where we still prefer buying fruits and vegetables in the market to the pre-cut and packaged ones. In such cases, these vegetables are natural and come with a number of dirt, bacteria, virus etc.

This is where ozonation plays a vital role,


How an Ozonator works :

Once you bring home your fruits, vegetables, etc from the market,


  • Connect the Ozonator and fill it with water till the brim

  • Once it is done, put your fruits and vegetables in batches where there is enough space for them to get fully immersed in water. (The Ozonator is of 8L capacity and can hold a lot of fruits and vegetables, but make sure not to overload it)

  • Close the lid and switch the Ozonator ON, leave it for 8-10 minutes where it does its ozonation.

  • After the light goes OFF, Voila, the fruits, and vegetables are clean and fresh.


The ozone produced by the Ozonator reacts with the water molecules and goes to a soluble state. You can now reuse this water and save water.


This process as you could probably say is a matter of flipping a switch and the machine does it all. The same procedure applies to cereals, pulses, meat, poultry, fish etc.


The compact Ozonator is the BonOzone LITE, which is used to ozonate closed spaces like refrigerators, cupboards etc. This not only sterilizes but also deodorizes the space. This is very easy to use as it also works in a matter of a switch. This reduces the complexity of taking a day and deep cleaning everything as this machine is meant for deep cleaning. And this is also done in under 10 minutes, cutting you cost, time and energy.

Make sure there are no humans or pets during the time of Ozonation as the Ozone might cause breathing difficulties.


The third and final one is a vehicle sterilizer, this sterilizer sterilizes a closed vehicle however big. All you have to do is alter the minutes according to the size of the vehicle. Vehicle sterilization is mainly recommended as a vehicle is not handled single-handedly, there are too many people using the car in the family, your driver, a valet anything. So it is always best that you sanitize your car twice or thrice depending on your time and usage.


We hope these tips and products from BonOzone will help you have a life that is the same in terms of the phase and yet you do not miss out on anything. On that note, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, always wear a mask while stepping out and make sure you sanitize well.


Stay healthy, stay safe and stay indoors.