We often worry about Mother Earth, or let us put it this way, we are often concerned about Mother Earth on certain days. Yes, days like, Earth Day, Earth hour, Global warming awareness day etc. So, that makes 4 days in 365 days. But what about the rest? Are we really concerned? Do we even try? Well, the answer is not really. We all have our reasons, we are all running a rat race, we do not have time for these concerns, and oh the reasons only get worse. We usually find one or two people concerned here and there but do we support them?


This is something to consider, is it not? If we are using so much (most of) Mother Earth’s Resources, what do our future generations have? Have you ever thought that their childhood could be very different from the one we had? What would it feel like to live in a country or world where the summers are scorching and the winters are tremendously cold? What would it feel like to live in a world that is completely operated by machines to an extent that kindness is a mere word? Where they have a model of a tree and no trees?


Sounds frightening. Well, there is still a way to change it. She is called ‘Mother’ Earth for a reason, she just loves us all unconditionally and will not give up on us, until she truly cannot. Let’s stay woke to the situation at hand and help our Earth Heal.


Getting into statistics,

  • It is said that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the seabed and it is estimated by 2050, the pieces of plastic will outnumber the fish in the sea.

  • 70% of our land pollution is due to landfills. These landfills are majorly fabrics.

  • There are 4.2 million deaths each year due to air pollution.

  • The seawater pollution is killing aquatic animals and worsening the condition.


The stats only get worse and scarier. It is high time we start the preventive steps for this condition or it would lead us to perform CPR on Mother Earth, which could have adverse effects. So, let us focus on making a shift towards a sustainable and minimal life. Sustainability not only in the things you buy and consume but also in the natural resources that we use. It could be as simple as re-using water. Re-using the water that comes out of your Air-conditioner to water your plants and ta-da, you now have a home garden. Re-using the water that was used to wash clothes, saving the rainwater (yes, rainwater harvesting) and it will definitely prove to be useful during summers. This also applies to your furniture, avoid using plastic as plastic seldom decomposes, it can only be recycled but not removed completely.


Now that we have spoken about reusing, sustainability and recycling, all these come from keeping your surroundings clean. One step at a time. Keep your surroundings clean, have a kitchen garden, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Talking about fresh fruits and vegetables, they are not fresh when we purchase them. Here’s your sustainable, Mother Earth-friendly Ozonator.


An Ozonator helps you not only disinfect your outer surface but also does a deep cleaning of this product. It is very safe and effective, ozone is a natural resource, it is present in abundance on our planet. We have incorporated the same resource from Mother Earth to keep us hail and healthy.


This Ozonator not only disinfects fruits and vegetables but also your rice, grains, pulses, meat, poultry, fish, etc. Ozonation helps you have a better product as it eliminates all the toxins and impurities. Now you have a better way to nutrition, through the best product.


How to use an Ozonator,

  • Ozonators are compact and do not take up much of your space. Ensure it is clean before using it.

  • Fill the Ozonator with water till the mark

  • Place your produce that needs a cleanse, ensure they are all immersed in water.

  • Cover it with a lid and leave it for a good 10-15 minutes as per the recommendation on the manual.

  • Switch the Ozonator OFF and let it subside for a minute, then remove the produce.

  • You can reuse the water as the ozone gets dissolved into the water. This water can be reused for washing your clothes, mopping, and general cleaning purposes.


Let us think more about us and Mother Earth, which is inversely proportional, on a daily basis and pave the way to a healthier us and ‘Heal’thier Mother Earth.