The story behind the BonOzone - Ozonator technology

About Us

The story behind the BonOzone

BonOzone was started in the year 2020, with a motto of providing everyone with a chemical-free environment. Yes, we are talking chemicals like fungicides, pesticides, insecticides etc. When people were majorly looking for an organic and much affordable alternative, we came up with an Ozonator that will find a balance between organic and chemical products. And one that aids in decontaminating the atmosphere to enable us to breathe only fresh air.


BonOzone’s main objective is to provide people with pesticide/ insecticide-free food that are affordable and available to everybody. The usage of these harmful chemicals to keep away the insects and sometimes to even aid the growth of the fruits, vegetables and grains. The consumptions of these substances daily are sure to eradicate the health of us and our future generations. Hence, we came up with the Ozonator that will remove all the impurities, pesticides, hazardous substances and provide you with a clean and fresh product. This also continued with devices that sterilize cars, refrigerators and closed spaces. Having aligned ourselves with the original innovators of Ozonator technology, we at BonOzone truly find ourselves at the pinnacle of discovery and progress in this area. Forming the backbone of our organization is a formidable R&D unit that’s operated by some of the best minds in the scientific realm.


As a result, we can offer Ozonator solutions that are far ahead of their time, not just in terms of efficacy and versatility, but also cost-effectiveness. Our offerings aren’t only limited to our Ozonators but also comprise an entire suite of diverse products aimed at serving the masses in our collective fight against subpar hygiene and sanitation.

Our Mission
At Bonozone, we believe that domination is an inevitable result of honest and persistent service. This is why, our mission is not to merely be the industry leader in Ozonator technology, products, and services, but to be the best at eradicating all existing and future challenges (that exist the world over as a direct consequence of the lack in safe and efficacious disinfectant solutions) while leaving no stone unturned in doing so!

What Characterizes Us –

  • Our emphatic persistence in serving our clientele,
  • Our inclination to constantly innovate & refine our Ozonator technology, as well as,
  • Our drive to pursue perfection in everything that we do.