The present situation has transformed the way we process our vegetables and fruits before they are consumed. It has intensified our apprehensions and forced us to think about different ways to disinfect them. One of the most challenging problems we have is sanitizing fruits and vegetables that we brought from the market, whether to leave them isolated for a couple of days or eat them after a wash. 

Ozone is a potent, instantaneous oxidant that readily oxidizes all bacteria, pesticides, chemicals and viruses. O3 is used to purify fruits and vegetables and ensure that your fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption. BonOzone’s Pro Purifier has developed an ozone purifier for fruits and vegetables that uses ground-breaking ozone disinfection technology to kill germs. 

The top 8 reasons that you should buy BonOzone’s Purifier Pro is given below:

It won’t compromise the purity of your fruits and vegetables:

BonOzone Pro Purifier makes consuming fruits and vegetables as safe as possible. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens, that are a threat to you and your family’s health and safeguards you from possible ailments while keeping all the essential nutrients intact for your well-being.

Simply washing vegetables, fruits and meat in plain water does not remove pesticides and other harmful contaminants from the outside surface.  BonOzone’s Purifier Pro uses powerful ozone technology that helps in removing impurities.

The secret of increasing your fruits and vegetables shelf life:

Fruits and vegetables decontaminated by a vegetable purifier remain fresh longer and have an extended shelf life. Moreover, a vegetable cleaner deodorizes them while keeping their smell intact.

Technology can effectively kill all contaminants like bacteria, fungi, viruses and many other pathogens from the external surface of vegetables, fruits and meat. It contributes to the elimination of impurities and allows you to eat fresh food.

In favor of meat:

A purifier also recognizes and decontaminates meat and marine products. It oxidizes the residual chemicals of food products and makes them safe to consume. It eliminates lethal pathogens on both meat and seafood, making it safe for consumption.

The state-of-the-art BonOzone’s Purifier Pro uses ozone disinfection technology to sterilize fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. It is safe for human consumption while keeping its natural scent and freshness intact.

Save time with the lifeguard:

Ironically, many people rely on washing their produce in soaps and detergents, which can cause abdominal distress and is potentially deadly, not to mention safety. Although some solutions to this problem, sanitizing fruits and vegetables with a powerful cleanser remains the healthiest and most preferred choice. 

With The BonOzone Pro Purifier, you can skip scrubbing and rinsing your produce in warm water, which doesn’t remove the traces of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Therefore, a vegetable cleanser not only defends you against illness but also saves valuable time and energy.

Ozone Disinfection Technology:

The Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner uses ozone disinfection technology that helps to remove chemicals and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables. The Ozone technology used by the purifier is compelling and effectively kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens by breaking their protective coverings or cell walls. 

The device also helps to remove pesticides from vegetables as well as micro-organisms. Ozone technology also sterilizes food for cleanness and safety.

It is built with comfort in mind:

The sough-after and sleek BonOzone’s Purifier Pro Vegetable Disinfectants come in two wall-mountable and countertop designs. The BonOzone Purifier Pro Wall Mounted Purify can be installed on the wall and allows you to save a significant part.

The BonOzone Purifier Pro has an elegant and compact design that can be easily positioned in the kitchen with other utensils.


So if you want to make sure that you consume fresh foods that are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides and germs, then install BonOzone Purifier Pro Vegetables and Fruit Purifier. The model is available in wall and tabletop design, which you can purchase according to your tastes and preferences.

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