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Fruits and Vegetables – 6 Reasons to Buy the Purifier Pro

The present situation has transformed the way we process our vegetables and fruits before they are consumed. It has intensified our apprehensions and forced us to think about different ways... Read More

Why do we say Ozone Sterilization is the friend of our generation?

The 2K kids and people of this generation have no patience, not complaining but the fast phase of life has become the new normal and everyone is running a race... Read More

A ‘Heal’thier Mother Earth

We often worry about Mother Earth, or let us put it this way, we are often concerned about Mother Earth on certain days. Yes, days like, Earth Day, Earth hour,... Read More

Top 5 Ozonators in India

We are delighted to list down the five most authentic, effective and efficient ozone disinfectors in our country. There is no order as such thing as the “TOP” or “Bottom”,... Read More