Water is an important source of life. 70% of the earth is made up of water. Without water life cannot exist. Despite earth being covered by 70% water there is a global water challenge. People do not have good clean water to drink.The tap water we get is full of impurities. Even the ground water has been contaminated to alarming levels with effluents that it is not fit for consumption. Industrial growth, public apathy, etc have led to abuse of water resources leading to contamination of water. Prolonged use of such contaminated water can lead to diseases and could affect the quality of life.

Now since water contamination has reached uncontrollable levels people are devising various methods to get clean water. These include desalination, reverse osmosis, distillation, etc.

Water- A Healthy alternative

As people are growing more health conscious they are seeking healthy alternatives for all things they consume.Water being the most basic requirement takes precedence as it is the most important source of life. Ozonated water is finding many takers as it is free from impurities. Drinking ozonated water rejuvenates a person besides keeping him healthy. Use of ozonated water is gaining popularity in washing fruits and vegetables.

Ozone water- Clean and fresh

Ozonation is a proven method to get clean water. Ozonation as compared to chlorination does not leave any residue. When we clean fruits and vegetables with ozonated water there is no residue. Washing vegetables and fruits in ozonated water removes surface contaminants. It maintains the freshness and purity of fruits and vegetables thereby enhancing the shelf life. Besides it is a better disinfectant as compared to chlorine which leaves a residue and also alters the taste of fruits and vegetables when washed. It is also beneficial in washing fish and meat in this water as it removes virus and bacteria while making it safe for consumption.Studies have proved that ozone is more effective in eliminating virus and bacteria. Ozone is bio-degradable and decomposes into oxygen.

Ozonated Water- Benefits in a nutshell

  • More efficient in removing bacteria
  • Proven disinfectant
  •  Removes odour
  •  Decomposes into oxygen gas leaving no by-products
  •  Can be used to clean fruits, vegetables, fish and meat
  • Extends shelf life of most food products
  •  Eco-friendly

Purifier Pro from BonOzone

BonOzone’s Purifier Pro is like having a doctor at home. It is very helpful in these uncertain times where caution is the keyword. This gadget provides ozonated water which if you clean fruits and vegetables can help remove all contaminants thereby keeping you healthy and help avoid falling sick.
Ozone is a proven technology capable of incapacitating SARS Influenza virus at 0.6ppm. While studies show that Corona virus can be killed under 1ppm, Purifier Pro from BonOzone has the potential to attain 1ppm in 15 secs and a maximum of 3ppm in 30 seconds with a capability of rendering the remaining bacteria totally ineffective.