If that is a real question, without a doubt, to mask. Always wear a mask before stepping out. But can you believe there are a lot of social issues in the country or maybe, we could even say in the world? In the recent past, wearing a mask has suddenly become a social issue. Yes, We are talking about the ‘Anti-mask protests’ that is happening majorly in the United States of America and parts of other countries. To give you a little gist about the Anti-mask protest, it is a protest where people are refusing to wear a mask/ cover their face. wearing a mask or covering their face is being associated with their freedom and rights. We would just want to say, ‘Pick your battles’.

It is not on a regular day the nation or the government is trying to force wearing a mask on their citizens, we need to remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and it is going to take a while, which could be few months or even a few years to go back to not wearing a mask.It is not only to protect oneself but also to protect everyone around you. You could be a super host/ carrier yourself. It is important to show empathy towards others during this turmoil.

On the other side of the globe in places like China or most of Asia, wearing a mask has become a casual thing. They have been wearing masks way before the pandemic to protect themselves from the pollution and toxicity in the air they breathe. Wearing masks have become a part of their outfit and by today, China has the fanciest and some safe masking practices. We Indians, who are newly exposed to the practice of masking are taking it or took it as a burden in the initial stages. The process becomes more toxic by just the thoughts we have while wearing it, the negative thoughts like, Oh, it’s very suffocating, there is no original air I’m breathing, its the same oxygen, these masks are so uncomfortable, will it give me rashes, etc.

The next line is a mandate and is a mantra we all need to follow for the next few months, repeat after us, ‘I wear a mask to protect myself, there is nothing more important than my life and the lives of everyone who I come in contact with’. Every time you frown, thinking about wearing a mask, please remember these lines.

The Government of India has made masks mandate, now are we wearing the right masks? There are still people who wear masks for the sake of wearing one. Cotton, Linen, fancy masks, do not necessarily protect you from the deadly virus or the person carrying it. In a country like our’s where the population is dense and controlling people are very difficult, it is important to abide by the rules and regulations our government has laid. Like in the USA, it is very easy for people to raise against and say it is our right, but this not a battle amongst people, it is a battle with the virus which we have an active part in.

The safest option during this situation is the respirator, the N95 masks, it is recommended for the front line workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Policemen, Sanitary workers, etc. The next one is the clinical mask, the clinical mask prevents up to 65% of the virus from spreading from one person to another. The clinical masks are flexible, has an infallible sheet, a dust screen that protects us against the dust, cost-effective and is very convenient to use.

BonOzone has the best range of safe and certified masks that protect us from any airborne bacteria, virus, harmful pathogens etc. Our disposable masks have 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency, keeping in line your safety these masks are sterilised using UV and Ozone for utmost protection. These masks come with a very skin-friendly material that is easy on your skin and an ear elastic that secures the mask in place.

We at BonOzone, aim at promoting a healthy and happy environment for everyone around usfor a better tomorrow. Let us battle against the virus and emerge stronger than ever.