Treat your health, like you would do to your wealth. Are you aware of all the steps that fresh produce goes through before it reaches your plate? Indeed, your fresh produce is not ‘fresh’ by the time it reaches the market or when processed for consumption. Contamination happens at every stage of harvest, from when a crop is soiled to the cultivation process. To prevent the risk of spoilage or contamination and sometimes to fasten the fruition process. In India, there is another popular term known as “organic”, which is fancied among the upper-middle class and the higher class people as the name suggests it is cultivated without the use of pesticides or any foreign substance. It is also a very expensive way to a healthy life, hence the people who access it are very minimal.

Today we are taking you down the actual process of food production, Food production ideally means planting the seed, nurturing the crop and the fruition or producing the final product that is ready to be sent to various places like industries or dealers to process the produce.

Processing is where the raw produce, for example, fruits, vegetables, milk, rice etc are converted into an edible form. Processing involves sorting, grading and packaging in cases of cereals and pulses. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, they are grown all over India and for the product to reach our City from the original place takes a minimum of two to three days. For milk, it goes through the pasteurization process, where the milk from the cows are subjected to high temperatures, to kill the vital bacteria, virus and pathogens present. Whereas, meat and poultry are processed by smoking, partial cooking and freezing it in a suitable temperature.

The final step in the process is known as distribution, where the products are segregated and catered to different food sectors. These are products procured from the farmers and distributed to the vendors all over the Country.

These steps are a brief of what the products go through before it reaches our plate. The risk potential is higher in every step, thereby using a disinfector is essential on an everyday basis.
As normal disinfectors contain alcohol or phenols using that on the food products is not ideal.
That is why it is necessary to use an Ozone based Disinfector.

The term “Ozone” may be familiar to us as most of us have heard about the Ozone layer and what it does. Ozone is also a gas that could ideally act as a disinfector. BonOzone uses this concept to bring to you a device that aids healthy living in your households. When lightning passes through oxygen that is present in the atmosphere, ozone is created. The ozone has the potential to nullify any odor present in the food product, Increases the shelf life and also destroy any bacterial, viral or fungal activity in them. It is an advantage that this device allows you to do a deep cleansing as well as a surface cleaning of the produce.

Here are a few steps on how to use the ozone disinfector, Plug-in the device and fill water in the appropriate space given for water.

  • Switch the device on only after you have filled water and immerse the fruits and vegetables.
  • Leave the device on for about 15-25 minutes and rinse the produce with water.
  • The fruits and vegetables are clean and ready to be cooked.
  • All the processing and contamination a product goes through is made inert in just four steps.
  • Now, it is easy to create a safe household and live a healthy life with BonOzone.